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Find your perfect volunteering role

Feeling up for a fun, challenging new experience? Help others and your career by volunteering.

Ever signed up to help at an event? Or given some of your time to help a local food bank or community group? Well, the chances are you’ve already volunteered!

Volunteering can help you get into a job or even help you to progress in your current role. But the benefits don't stop there. According to a Volunteer Scotland survey:

  • 94% of Scottish volunteers said they got to meet new people
  • 94% said they enjoyed their experience
  • 92% said they felt like they made a difference
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Five tips to find your perfect volunteering role

  1. Experience: What do you want to get out of this? A good volunteering role gives you valuable experience that’s relevant to a job you’d like to have. 
  2. Time: How much time can you commit in a week? You could volunteer for one event or for a few hours every week for a year. Decide how long you’d like to spend before starting your search. 
  3. Strengths: Does this role play to your strengths? Look for a role that you feel you can bring something to. Make the most of your natural talents. 
  4. Expectations: What does this role entail? Find out exactly what the organisation wants you to do, so you don’t get tied into something you won’t like. 
  5. Contacts: Who could give you advice or connect you to an opportunity? Growing your network can help you build professional relationships and open new doors.

Where to get involved

There are lots of different ways to volunteer. We’re here to help you look in the right places. 

Find volunteering near you 

  • The Volunteer Scotland website allows you to search for opportunities in your local authority. 
  • Project Scotland matches you with a role where you can make a positive contribution in your community. 

Aged 12 to 25? The Saltire Awards are the Scottish Government’s way of celebrating, recognising and rewarding volunteers in Scotland. You can gain nationally-recognised certificates for the volunteering you do.  

Volunteer in sports and culture  

  • Sport Scotland can help you find opportunities in your area with local sports teams and organisations. 
  • The National Museums Scotland website also has information on arts opportunities within their phenomenal venues.

Volunteer in health and wellbeing

  • If you’d like experience in the health sector, you can volunteer with the NHS
  • SAMH (Scotland’s Association for Mental Health) have many opportunities for those interested in volunteering in mental health. 

Volunteer at events  

Events like fun days, bucket collections, festivals and sponsored walks need lots of volunteers to help visitors, answer questions and give directions. Visit Volunteer Scotland for available opportunities. 

Volunteer abroad