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Help run the country by delivering people and products where they're needed.

What impact could you make?

Use low emission vehicles to help reduce environmental impact.
Help build a greener infrastructure on our roads, railways and shipping which all need people with a variety of skills.
Develop innovative new technologies to transport goods in more environmentally friendly ways.
The absolute best part about my job is I know every single day I'm doing something that's making a difference to people's lives, whether they know it or not.Heather WaughTrain driver, Freightliner Group Limited

Transport at a glance

The transport industry is growing which means there are new job roles being created such as hybrid technology engineer. There’s also going to be a higher demand for existing roles such as carbon assessors, environmental lawyers and more. All these roles can be accessed through apprenticeships, full-time or part-time education.


It’s estimated that around 24,000 people were employed in public sector transport in Scotland in 2023.

Job availability

Decarbonising the railways in Scotland is likely to create around 630 new jobs each year between 2024 and 2050.

Job diversity

As electric cars become more popular and hydrogen and electrically powered technologies evolve, the transport industry will have more job opportunities.

Things you may not know about transport

In January 2021, Aberdeen started work on the world’s first double decker hydrogen bus. This vehicle makes use of hydrogen gas as a fuel source.

Source: First Group

Across the United Kingdom, eco-driving skills have the potential to save £300 million in fuel costs and 3 million tonnes of carbon emissions over a five-year period.

Source: Efficient Driving Report 2016, GOV.UK

68% of vehicle retailers think that selling hybrid or electric vehicles will be a necessary part of business in the future.

Source: Transport Scotland

Organisations making a difference

Discover some of the organisations within transport and how they’re making an impact on the industry.