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There’s a career for you in Scotland’s thriving creative industry – whatever your interests are. There are exciting jobs in online video content, advertising, architecture and more!

What impact could you make?

Use your skills to spark life into creative projects – on your own or with others. You can bring new ideas, products and services to the public!
Are you an independent person who enjoys flexible working or would like to be self-employed? Turn your hand to a creative role and make these dreams a reality.
Travel and work all around the world. While doing so, you'll promote Scottish creative culture across the planet.
The part of the job that I enjoy most is properly understanding users and what their needs are. I love going out and talking to people then coming up with solutions that have perhaps never existed before.GaryUX Designer

The creative industry at a glance

Many people in the creative industry are either self-employed and manage their own hours or work on a contractual basis. This means a creative career is a great choice if you’re an entrepreneur, value flexibility, love networking and enjoy promoting your abilities.


In 2023, there were around 107,800 people employed across Scotland's creative industry.

Job availability

Between 2023 and 2026, it's expected there will be 8,600 people needed to fill job openings in Scotland.

Job diversity

As of October 2023, there are 95 Modern Apprentices across Scotland training in the creative industry.

Things you may not know about the creative industry

Around 93 billion cubic metres of water is used in textile production each year.

Source: Recover Fiber

UK music exports have increased by 320%, according to the Music Export Growth Scheme.

Source: GOV.UK

Creative graduates earn around £2,300 more a year working in the creative industries compared with creative graduates working in other industries.

Source: Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre

Leaders in creative

Discover some of the organisations within the creative industry and how they’re making an impact in the industry.