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Agriculture, forestry and fishing

There's a huge range of agricultural and environmental jobs within nature and land. These roles are vital to our production of sustainable food whilst we tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

What impact could you make?

Contribute to the environment and make our planet greener.
Make a difference to the country's sustainable food production.
Support an agriculture or land-based business by working as a contractor or employee.
When I was young, I just always had an interest in the dairy industry. It's very important that you're a people person, you've got to be confident in what you're saying and you need to be able to get dirty and just get in about it!Annie BrysonRuminant Nutritionist

Agriculture, forestry and fishing at a glance

Discover the range of opportunities within agriculture, forestry and fishing. Get ready to tackle issues facing the sector, such as sustainably feeding the population. The industry is part of food and drink primary production.


In 2023, there were 31,000 people working within food and drink production.

Job availability

Between 2023 and 2026, it's expected there will be 7,200 people needed to fill job openings in Scotland.

Job diversity

As of October 2023, there are 309 Modern Apprentices working within food and drink production.

Things you may not know about agriculture, forestry and fishing

Technology plays a big part in agriculture and farming. Now, most vehicles have computer displays to support precision farming and increase productivity as they aim to find a sustainable approach.

Source: ScienceDirect

Forestry contributes £1 billion per year to the Scottish economy and supports more than 25,000 jobs!

Source: Scottish Forestry

The industry can be your passport to an international career. There are opportunities to travel for harvest work all over the world!

Scotland's leaders in agriculture, forestry and fishing

Discover some organisations within agriculture, forestry and fishing and how they’re making an impact on the industry.