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Be your own boss

If you’re thinking about a career or looking for a job, why not think about working for yourself?

There are lots of ways you can become your own boss. Many people are inspired to create their businesses around a skill or hobby. Others look at the kind of services people use, find a gap in the market and start a business to fill it. Some people decide to work as freelancers, choosing who they want to work for and when.

Some of the benefits of being your own boss

Running your own business means you can:

  • come up with ideas and take the lead  
  • try out new ways of working  
  • create your own opportunities 
  • make all the decisions 

You may also need some advice on the practical issues that come with being self-employed. 

The Prince's Trust can help get your business off the ground

Business owner Cordell talks about the Prince's Trust's free course on setting up your business. Hear from other young business owners about how they benefitted from taking the course. 


Discover how one young business owner created their dream job

Tori-Leigh was studying at college when she decided she wanted to be her own boss. She talks about her idea and how she found help to create her successful start-up.

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