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Inspire your pupils with Classroom Clash

Use our fun, interactive games to introduce career education into your classroom.

What’s Classroom Clash?

Classroom Clash is a series of nine digital games that'll inspire your pupils to think about their future careers.

The games are aimed at P6 to S3. From building a space vehicle to dealing with a cyber-attack, your pupils will learn about leading industries across Scotland.

And Classroom Clash is more than just games. Your pupils will learn about the meta-skills they use when playing and how they tie into careers.

If your pupils love a bit of healthy competition, you’re in the right place! Classroom Clash lets them compete against fellow pupils for top spot on your class and school’s leaderboard. There’s even a national league table. Wouldn’t it be great to have Scotland’s next Classroom Clash champ in your class?

You don’t need any help from us to get started. Classroom Clash is really easy to use. If your pupils have access to a computer, you’re good to go. And if you want to take the learning a step further, all our games come with engaging lesson plans. You don't need a My World of Work account to play!

Classroom Clash lesson plans

Each lesson plan has learning objectives, supporting worksheets and follow on activities.

  1. Medibots. Create specialised medicines and nano-bots to help your patients fight off nasty diseases. View Medibots lesson plan.
  2. Clean and Green. Link underground cables to help homes and businesses connect to green energy sources. View Clean and Green lesson plan.
  3. Super Samples. Transport patients’ medical samples to hospital labs for testing. Watch out for hallway hazards and samples needing retested! View Super Samples lesson plan.
  4. Insulation Puzzle. Solve tricky puzzles to fit energy-saving insulation to lofts and walls within buildings. View Insulation Puzzle lesson plan.
  5. Chem Clean. Clean chemical spillages from an industrial site and use a treatment to neutralise the pollution. View Chem Clean lesson plan.
  6. Happy Babies. Stay alert to make sure a busy classroom of young children has the right activities to keep them happy. View Happy Babies lesson plan.
  7. Investable. Start with £1,000 of other people’s savings to invest and grow responsibly. No pressure! View Investable lesson plan.
  8. Cyber Attack. Choose the correct anti-virus software to stop cyber attacks penetrating your computer. View Cyber Attack lesson plan.
  9. Rover Builder. Build a working space rover by attaching the correct part at a precise time as it moves along a production line. View Rover Builder lesson plan.