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Video interview tips for now and in the future

Video interviews are more popular than ever. And with artificial intelligence (AI), they may change the future of recruitment. We'll help you feel relaxed, ready and confident.

Top tips to nail your video interview

Interviewing for a job through video has become a lot more common in recent years. It's now a normal part of the hiring process for many companies. If you haven't done a video interview before or simply want a refresher, we've got some top tips to help you shine! 

  1. Prepare well. Research the company, the role and practice answering common questions. Check what information they provide about the platform you're using and the format. Being well prepared will help you relax and feel more confident. 
  2. Find a suitable environment. Make sure you're in a quiet space with a neutral backdrop. Good lighting will help you shine too. 
  3. Check your tech. You'll need a stable internet connection and devices that record high quality audio and video. Use a computer or laptop if you can and position the camera at eye level. Don't forget to charge anything you need to! 
  4. Dress smart. Professional, plain clothes will do the job. Nothing too eye catching that might be distracting on the screen. 
  5. Communicate with confidence. Make eye contact by looking into the camera while you speak. Speak clearly and at a steady pace. Remember to pause at the end of a question in case there's a delay. Use the STAR method if it's a competency-based interview.
  6. Try to relax. Remember that you've got this far because your interviewer thinks you have what it takes. They want you to do well so they can hire a great employee. Take some deep breaths if you need to. 

Did you know there are practice tools you can use online for free? Try Yoodli or Google’s Interview Warmup before your interview to get ready for the real thing.

Is AI the future of video interviews?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a bit of a confusing term – a scary one even! And it's starting to upload itself into more and more parts of our society. From self-driving cars to making catchy music using your favourite artist's voice. The world of work is no exception.

Some companies are starting to experiment with AI. Unilever, an organisation which owns brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Dove, is using it when hiring. Video interviews using AI help them select candidates to progress to the next stage.

What are AI video interviews?

Here's the idea. In an AI video interview, you’ll submit short videos to answer questions provided by an automated software. It'll then make decisions about how suitable you are for a job based on things like:   

  • the words you use to answer
  • the way you speak including your clarity and tone
  • your mannerisms
  • your facial expressions

It's important to remember that this type of technology isn't perfect. Researchers are still working out how effective it can be and what its limitations are. It's also not used by many employers yet, and lots of organisations will continue to favour a personal touch when interviewing.

But it doesn't hurt to know what the future may hold so you're ready for it.

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How to amaze your AI interviewer

All this might sound a bit daunting, right? Or maybe you’re excited to try it out!

Either way, here’s the key information you need to prepare for the interview of the future.

  1. Be yourself. It might sound silly when talking to an algorithm, but being robotic won't help. Try to relax and act naturally. The software will gather data from things like hand gestures, smiles, eye movement and nods. Project positivity and confidence.
  2. Speak clearly and stick to the point. An upside to speaking with a robot is you don't need to worry about small talk. Try and answer the questions briefly, sticking to the relevant information.
  3. Use keywords and phrases from the job posting. Just as you would for any interview, do your research. AI software will favour responses that match the description of the job advertised by a company. It shows you've read and understood what they're looking for.
  4. Practice at home. Try AI-powered practice tools such as Yoodli or Google’s Interview Warmup. You'll get more comfortable with the format, discover possible questions and get feedback on your answers. You could also research possible questions, film yourself answering them and review the footage to see how you can improve.