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Scotland’s top-trending free courses

Find out about the most in-demand learning opportunities right now.

Whether you’re looking to kick on at work or start a new career entirely, extra learning can help you achieve your goals.

And what’s even better than learning? Learning that’s free! Our course search has thousands of opportunities across the country.

We’ve explored the data and pulled out the ones that are most popular.

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Here are Scotland’s top free courses

Data Science Professional Development Award

Calling everyone who wants to gain data science and security knowledge! Polish up your skills with this Data Science Professional Development Award from Edinburgh College and the SQA. The nation has a shortage of skilled workers in this area. With that in mind, use this course to upskill in your current job or as the first steps towards a new career entirely.

CPR, AED and First Aid

Every workplace needs a safety officer – could it be you? Alison's online CPR, AED and First Aid course will teach you vital skills to help your colleagues and loved ones during a medical emergency. The course starts with first aid basics, then moves on to complex processes like handling cardiac arrest and using a defibrillator. This course is a life saver, literally!

Forklift Operator Training

Fancy a new career as a forklift driver? Learn everything you need to know with this Forklift Operator Training from Alison. Lots of businesses use forklifts, which means there are plenty of job opportunities. This course will teach you everything from how to drive a forklift, to loading it, refuelling it and more.

Introduction to Banking

If you see yourself as the next J.P. Morgan, this is the perfect course for you! Delivered by Alison, their online Introduction to Banking explores the basics of modern-day finance. You'll learn about the inner workings of banks and how they generate economic growth. Use this course as a first step towards working in banking or finance.