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Scotland’s top jobs in digital technology

Work in digital technology and you could stop hackers, program computers or even develop the next huge mobile app!

Why choose digital tech?

Want a career in an area where there are lots of opportunities and room for growth? A job in digital technology could be the perfect fit for you.

Around 83,500 people across Scotland work in digital tech roles, according the 2024 Scottish Technology Industry Survey by ScotlandIS. So that’s a fantastic start, you know you live in a nation of innovators.

Here at Skills Development Scotland, we have digital economy skills experts. They reviewed the latest vacancy and forecast data to pull out the country’s top jobs in digital tech.

Scotland’s top digital tech jobs

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) engineer. The US International Trade Administration values the UK AI market at more than £16.4 billion. By 2035, they estimate that figure will grow to £740 billion! Wouldn't it be amazing to work in this huge area of growth? As an artificial intelligence engineer, you'd program and train systems to tackle real-world changes. One day you could work on tech for self-driving cars, the next you might build healthcare models to predict and prevent disease outbreaks.
  2. CAD technician. How are your drawing skills? If they’re strong, you could make a great CAD technician. In this job, you’d draw plans and create 3D designs for buildings and machinery. This helps engineers and technicians understand what they need to build. CAD technicians work across a range of industries such as engineering, construction and manufacturing.
  3. Data scientist. Science isn’t all about experiments and samples – it can be used to understand data. A data scientist looks at raw data, analyses it and finds patterns. They then use these data patterns to help businesses make good decisions and shape policies.
  4. Software developer. If you’re a go-to person when it comes to computers, you could thrive as a software developer. They design and build computer programs for organisations. You’d discuss the initial needs with your client then create the software. Afterwards, you may be involved in looking after the system once it’s up and running.
  5. Ethical hacker. When you hear ‘hacker’, do you think of a villain? Well, ethical hackers are the exact opposite. Their job is to constantly test the security of a company’s online systems and try to ‘hack’ into them. They aim to uncover any weaknesses in the system and improve them to prevent real hackers from gaining access.
  6. Digital forensic analyst. Think of them as online police! Digital forensic analysts investigate cyber crime to protect people from hackers, thieves and terrorists. You’d help prevent other people falling victim to similar crimes. Using specialist computer programs, digital forensic analysts usually work for the security services, a bank or an IT firm.
  7. Marketing manager. In this job you’d be tasked with getting your company’s name out there! A marketing manager uses their digital skills in a creative way to promote a business’ goods and services to customers. Nowadays, marketing managers lean heavily on social media platforms, SEO strategies and online advertising to promote their business.
  8. Project manager. Digital technology has lots of different areas – someone needs to coordinate them all. That’s where a project manager comes in. They plan and organise people and resources to make sure a project achieves its aims. Project managers work across every industry but they’re vital within technology and IT.
I love working in software. Every day presents a new challenge which forces me to think critically and come up with innovative solutions. I'm constantly learning more about the industry and I enjoy the collaborative nature of software development. Working as a team to create something greater than the sum of its parts is both inspiring and fulfilling.Gregor MitchellSoftware Professional, Autorek

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