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Applying for college

Discover what you need to know about how and when to apply for a college course.

How to apply for college

Once you’ve picked your course, or courses, you'll apply through the college offering the training. If you’re applying for more than one course, you should rank these in order of preference.

It'll likely be an online form you fill out, but you should be able to submit a paper application if you prefer. There could be other things you need to do, such as:

  • go to an interview
  • submit a portfolio of work
  • take an online skills test

Your college will let you know what to expect. If you need any support with your application, they'll be able to help. For example, you could chat to the college about: 

  • questions you have about your predicated grades 
  • eligibility criteria or residency documents 
  • disability support 
  • timeframes for hearing back 
  • data protection and confidentiality
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When to apply for college

Many courses will have their applications open throughout the year meaning you can make an application at any time. Keep in mind colleges tend to work on a first come, first served basis so if the course is popular it may fill up quickly!

Check for application deadlines through the college website, their socials or give them a call if you’re struggling to find the detail you need. Most college courses start in August or September, but some start as early as January. 

Some colleges also run short-term, evening and part-time courses. These start at various points throughout the year.

Applying through Clearing

Some colleges fill places they still have on their courses through a process called 'Clearing'.  

You can apply if:  

  • you’re not already holding an offer from a college or university or you declined your offers 
  • the course still has places 

Clearing usually starts in early July and runs through to mid-October. 

Visit UCAS to find exact dates, more information and search for courses.