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Throughout school and work, you've had to influence and motivate others or drive change. This is where our leadership skill comes in handy.

It's all about: inspiring others, delegating and decision-making.

Your leading skill

You can gain leadership experiences in many situations. If you’re part of a club, you could guide and support others towards learning a new skill. You may oversee a group project where you assign tasks to others, encourage the team and share ideas.

Top tips for developing your leadership skills

  1. In general: Encouraging your teammates at a game and praising them for their efforts.
  2. In school: Welcoming a new classmate by showing them around the school and answering their questions.
  3. In work: Putting yourself forward to lead on a group task, delegating work and making decisions for your team.

Describing your leading skills to employers

Employers want to see examples of when you’ve led or organised people. Strong organisational skills, great communication and a positive attitude are all extremely valuable to recruiters. Think of times when you’ve:

  • led a project or task in school
  • played a lead role on any extra-curricular team
  • volunteered for a local charity and undertaken a leadership role
  • mentored or buddied a new classmate or team member

Applying your skills

Explore different ways you can apply your skills and learn more about them.