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Feeling is all about showing our emotions and how well we relate to others’.

It's all about: empathy, respect and awareness.

Your feeling skill

Being emotionally aware means being able to describe how you feel to other people and understand how they feel too.

To really connect with others and solve problems properly, you must put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Good emotional awareness means you can listen and relate to people’s problems and find solutions together.

Top tips for developing your feeling skills

  1. In general: Supporting and understanding how your friend is feeling when they’re upset or worried.
  2. In school: Communicating your stress or anxiety surrounding exams with a trusted teacher.
  3. In work: Being more aware of how you can save the planet, such as turning sockets off when you don’t not need to use electricity or taking public transport to work.

Describing your feeling skills to employers

Employers will want to know how you deal with your feelings in the workplace. Are you empathetic? A good listener? Can you calm yourself down? Can you soothe others who need it? Think about examples of where you have:

  • respected someone else’s opinion even though it was different to your own
  • dealt with a lazy classmate during a group project when they weren’t contributing
  • helped a friend who was having a difficult time

Applying your skills

Explore different ways you can apply your skills and learn more about them.