Young Person's Guarantee

The Young Person's Guarantee

The opportunity of a job, placement, training or volunteering for every 16-24 year old in Scotland – based on your own goals and ambitions. 

For employers, get the support you need to build your future workforce. 

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Connecting you with opportunities

The Young Person’s Guarantee offers all young people the opportunity of:

  • An apprenticeship
  • Fair employment including work experience 
  • Participating in a formal volunteering programme
  • Training
  • Going to university or college

You’ll be connected to opportunities and signposted to people and information that can help depending on the route that’s right for you. 

If you're an employer, we'll give you the resources and support to develop and build your workforce with young talent.

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Connecting employers with young people

To support young talent and build your future workforce you can engage with the Young Person's Guarantee by supporting the five asks of employers.

There are resources to help you:

1. Prepare young people for the world of work
Inspiring pupils and college students to gain the skills needed for the world of work.
2. Help all young people to achieve their potential
Engaging with and opening opportunities to young people who face barriers to work.
3. Invest in a skilled workforce
Creating work based learning, training and upskilling opportunities for young people.
4. Create jobs and apprenticeships
Creating jobs and apprenticeships to support the Guarantee.
5. Create an inclusive and fair workplace
Ensuring a working environment which supports all young people and provides fair work.
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