Write a speculative cover letter

10/08/2016 10:01

If you’d like to like to work for an employer, but they don’t have any vacancies advertised, you could still get in touch. A speculative cover letter and CV shows you're interested.

It might be that there’s a job opening that hasn’t been advertised yet. Or, the employer could be impressed by your application and wants to meet you for a chat. Either way, it's worth a try!

But if you're going to send in a speculative application, there are some important points to remember: 

  • Research: Avoid sending your letter to the HR department. You want to send it to the person who makes the decisions. This show that you know about the company and highlights why you think you’d be a good fit
  • Be clear: As you're not applying for an advertised job, make what you’re looking for very clear. Whether it’s a specific type of role or you’d like some work experience, state this at the start of your letter
  • Be concise: The employer isn’t expecting your letter so don’t write pages and pages. You want them to read your letter and not just throw it out or delete it
  • Follow-up: It’s a good idea to follow-up a speculative cover letter with a phone call. It shows you’re keen and proactive, and you might even end up with a meeting or interview

To help you with your speculative application, we have more advice on how to lay out your cover letter