Where will tourism take you this summer?

26/04/2017 12:17

It’s great to have a summer holiday. And where better to go than Scotland?

A country with beautiful countryside and coasts, historic castles and crofts, exciting cities crammed with culture, amazing outdoor adventures and loads of festivals and sports events.

Which is exactly why visitors flock here every year. In fact in 2015 – the most recently available annual figures – just under 14.9 million overnight tourism trips were taken in Scotland, according to the Tourism in Scotland 2015 report

The report also found that the most popular time to visit is from July to September so if you’re looking for a job this summer there will be lots of opportunities in tourism and hospitality. 

You can find out more about this industry on our tourism page.

Kick-start your career in tourism

More than 200,000 people in Scotland work in tourism so it’s well worth considering as a career.

 A summer job can give you insights into the variety of roles in the industry.

Lots of hotels, restaurants and bars take on extra staff for the summer months, especially in tourist hotspots like Edinburgh or The Highlands. Other businesses to try for summer jobs are places like golf clubs, leisure centres or holiday parks.

They’ll be looking for people to work as:

Check sites like Scottish Hospitality jobs , Bright Work and the My World of Work jobs search – try using  ‘seasonal’ and ‘summer’ in your search.

Tourist information centres like the network run by Visit Scotland also look for seasonal assistants to help answer people's questions about where to go, where to stay and how to get around.

See the Visit Scotland vacancies page to see if a centre near you is recruiting.

Take a tour into Scotland's past

If you’re interested in history and culture, you might enjoy a role as a tourist guide.

Lots of visitor attractions take on temporary summer tour guides or assistants. Or you might consider spending some spare time volunteering to build up some work experience for your CV.

Check these websites for job and volunteering opportunities at historic sites:

Many tourists want to visit the world-famous Scotch whisky distilleries, where a guide will explain the mysteries of making the uisge beatha.

You don't necessarily need to know a lot about whisky – you'll get the training to explain how it is made – but being able to speak another language would be an advantage. Contact your local distillery to ask about opportunities.

Whatever role you have in tourism  this summer you'll help people enjoy a great experience in Scotland. And you’ll have valuable skills and experience for your CV like customer service, time management and teamworking.

But don't forget to try and fit in a holiday yourself – everyone needs a break!