Where could volunteering take you this summer?

06/04/2017 12:17

While you’re at school, college or uni, you’ve got the benefit of long summer holidays.

It’s important to take some time to relax and recharge during your break. You might also be looking to earn a bit of money. But volunteering is another option which lets you build new skills, while helping other people at the same time.  

Why volunteer?

We’ve got a lot of information here on My World of Work to show you the benefits of giving up a little of your time to volunteer. But in a nutshell, it can help you:

  • Get valuable experience for your CV
  • Try out new things and find out if that’s what you’d like to do
  • Meet people who could help you in future

Plus, it’s pretty easy to fit volunteering around anything else you want to get up to this summer. You could combine it with travel, or do only a few hours or days outside of your summer job.

What can I do?

It’s totally up to you! You’ll find a volunteering search in the learn and train section. This pulls in hundreds of opportunities from Volunteer Scotland. So you can find things in your area that line up with your interests.

There’s also some useful links in the volunteering section, as well as a guide to help you pick the right kind of placement.

Internships in the third sector

If you’re interested in working in the third sector in the future, some charities also offer internships. These tend to be longer placements and could give you experience that’s a bit more in-depth. One thing to note is that these are mostly voluntary too, although some pay travel and lunch expenses.

We’ve found some examples, but it’s worth having a look yourself if there’s a particular charity or sector you’re really keen on working with in the future.

  • Macmillan runs several internship periods each year, including one over the summer. Their roles include things like marketing, fundraising and public affairs, and last between 10 and 14 weeks
  • Marie Curie offers internships for graduates, undergraduates and career changers. Their three-month programme covers departments including communications, finance, IT and research. They also offer development sessions to help you write a CV or prepare for interviews
  • Cancer Research runs several internship periods each year. Applications for this summer have now closed but you can keep up to date with future intakes 
  • Oxfam internships are offered across departments like HR, marketing, IT and digital media. They can last three months to a year

Where could it take you?

Have a look at Gary’s story. He was a young volunteer fundraiser for charity and is now head of regional development for Muscular Dystrophy UK.