Where could creativity take you this summer?

13/02/2018 14:18

Summer is a time for enjoying yourself!

It’s also a time to get some extra cash and new experiences to go on your CV.

But what if you could do both...?

If you’re interested in a career in the arts, working at an event can give you a great insight into what the job involves.

Many events use volunteers, which can give you valuable new skills and great examples of experience to put on your CV. But there are also some paid postitions and internships available.

Join the festivals

The hugely popular and world-famous Edinburgh festivals make the city a global hub for the arts in the summer.

Here’s a few ways to take advantage of having these amazing events right here in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Festivals City website is the starting point for festival jobs.

Are you inspired by film, literature, arts, theatre or TV? You can also find information about opportunities on each of the different festival websites.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is currently looking for staff and volunteers for all sorts of roles. The Edinburgh International Book Festival has vacancies too.

And you can see what jobs and volunteering opportunities are on offer this summer at the:

The massive Fringe Festival advertises summer jobs on its website but it doesn’t employ staff for the hundreds of venues, so it’s also worth trying the venues direct.

One of the biggest venues on the fringe, Pleasance, is currently looking for volunteers. You don’t get paid but you could apply for a contribution to your living costs and free accommodation for the month if you need it. 

The best way to keep up with what’s available is to follow the various festivals and venues on social media.

There’s a lot of competition for these jobs – people will come from all over the world to work at the Edinburgh festivals. So use our CV tool to craft the perfect application.

And remember, Edinburgh is a very exciting place in the summer but it’s also expensive and it can be hard to find somewhere to stay. Consider whether you could balance a few weeks of volunteering with another job this summer where you can earn some money.

Outside Edinburgh

It’s not all about Edinburgh.

There are lots of other events – from marathons to music festivals – across Scotland and the UK which also need staff. Use the Flair website to find openings at events you’d enjoy. 

Music festivals also need volunteers. Try Festaff to find an event that you fancy.

Creative Scotland advertises all sorts of opportunities in the arts including jobs, internships and temporary positions for specific events. From artists to actors, marketing professionals to music teachers, there’s a wide variety available; keep an eye out for something that will suit you.

If you want to hone your performing or technical theatre skills some arts organisations and colleges will be offering summer courses; have a look to see what's on offer near you.

See the Creative page for more about working in this industry.