Unlocking your journey into a career in financial services

Gain real-life insight into one of Scotland’s top industries

Gain real-life insight into one of Scotland’s top industries

The Unified Schools Programme

A Financial services career is more than just working in a bank. There are lots of exciting opportunities from cyber security to accountancy, or insurance to investments.  

Through the Unified Schools Programme (USP), you’ll discover careers you didn’t know existed.  You’ll also gain an insight into the running of some of the biggest financial services companies in Scotland including BlackRock, Baillie Gifford, Deloitte, Bank of Scotland, HSBC, JP Morgan and many more.

Why consider a career in financial services?

  • Financial services is global 
  • It offers highly skilled jobs 
  • It’s inclusive and diverse 
  • It’s more than a bank 
  • It’s an important part of our society

Why get involved in this programme?

By taking part in the programme you’ll: 

•    Build new skills and experience the world of work
•    Hear directly from industry professionals
•    Gain valuable experience
•    Take the first steps to a career in financial services
•    Explore different career paths within the industry 
•    Strengthen your CV or job application

How to get involved - pupils, teachers and parents


Check out this video to find out more about the United Schools Programme (USP) and why you should consider careers in the industry. You can find more information about the sector on our financial services industry page too.


Register for a USP expert-led session through Marketplace.


You can find out about career options for Financial Services and other industries at My Kids Career.


For more information on how your school can take advantage of USP, please contact USP Scotland Lead Programme Manager Nicholas Bobb, USP@sfe.org.uk.

Find out more

Contact USP@sfe.org.uk or go to Scottish Financial Enterprise if you are looking for further guidance.