Tutorial: Create the perfect elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a short speech you could deliver in the time it takes to travel up a floor in a lift. The aim is to hook someone in and make them want to hear more.

Entrepreneurs use these to get people interested in new products or ventures, but you can use the same technique to introduce yourself.

So, how does it work? Our tutorial takes you through writing an elevator pitch and what it should include. 

You need to answer some key questions in your pitch.


Who are you?

A good first step is to note down some of your skills and strengths. Not sure what these are? Check out the skills list and strengths quiz in your account. This helps you think about what makes you special – and what you’d like people to know about. You don’t have time to mention everything, so highlight a few things that you think are most important.


What are you bringing to the table?

Make a note of some of the things you’ve done – the experience and education parts of your account might help here. Read over your CV. Try to think of things you’ve achieved, or stress the amount of experience you have. 


What are you looking for?

You can tailor this part depending on where you are. Think about your goal for the event. For example, if you’re at a jobs fair, you could say you’re interested in hearing about opportunities, or learning more about their company. Or you might be at a networking event trying to meet new people – so you could say you’re looking to make contacts in the industry. It also lets you open up the conversation to the other person.


Put it together

Look over your notes and try putting together a couple of sentences about yourself. Don’t use jargon – the people you’re talking might not know about your job, so technical terms could go over their heads. Keep it simple and short. Write it out in a few different ways and see which one feels most comfortable.



You should know your elevator pitch by heart – so that it rolls off your tongue. Practise so that you remember it. Try to relax and make it sound natural.

Now, get out there and try it!