Strengths: Planning your sessions

Suggestions for lessons to help you talk about Strengths with your pupils.

About 2 mins

The Strengths quiz helps individuals identify their strengths or activities that energise them.

To get the most out of this feature, we recommend you carry out a series of sessions to help individuals understand and utilise their strengths. These could include:

Introduction to strengths

It’s important that individuals understand the concept of strengths as activities that energise them. An introduction to strengths should ideally be done before completing the Strengths quiz.

We have created an activity to help you with this but it could be as simple as a group discussion about the difference between activities that energise and those that drain.

Understanding personal strengths

As well as using the Strengths quiz to diagnose an individual’s strengths, you might decide to ask them to consider and record the day-to-day activities that energise them.

This could help develop a better awareness of their strengths and could be done either before or after completing the quiz online. You might also want to suggest that individuals discuss their strengths report with someone who knows them well to see if they think it rings true.

Developing strengths

Once an individual or group have their Strengths results, it can be useful to think about how they could use these strengths more. You might want to ask individuals to create an action plan that describes how they intend to use their strengths more often in education, work or their spare time.

You might even want to consider setting up an interdisciplinary or enterprise project in which young people take on roles specifically related to their strengths results.

Using strengths to help with decision-making

Strengths can help individuals make decisions for the future. A good place to start with this is with subject choice or career suggestions in the Strengths report. We have also created an activity with downloadable worksheets to help individuals consider their options.