Skills builder factsheet

About 3 minutes

We've also developed a guide to using this tool for teachers (pdf).


The Skills builder helps users understand how they use their skills in everyday life and gain confidence about what they can do.

The tool is aligned with the ‘I can’ statements from the Career Education Standard. Users provide evidence of how they’ve used their skills to respond to the statements.

This allows users to identify how and when they use their skills. It also means they, and you, can keep track of how their skills have improved over time.


The Skills builder has been developed by Skills Development Scotland partner, Digital Connextions.

We’ve worked with them to develop an easy-to-use system designed to appeal to primary five to seven pupils. As a teacher, you’ll assign pupils or groups of pupils an ‘I can’ statement. 

Pupils will then be able to add activities, which show things they’ve done that are connected with that statement. These activities can include text, images, video and audio and are added with the simple upload function.

They’ll then be asked to select three skills that they used in doing that activity, and rate how well they used each skill.

The tool helps pupils to see what skills they’ve developed, and the progress they make over time. Providing evidence of what they’ve done helps them to realise how they develop their skills day by day. In turn, they build confidence in their skills and what they’re capable of.

Keeping track

As a teacher, you can keep track of your pupils through Skills builder. You’ll have an overview of what activities have been completed and how pupils have rated their skills. You can also adjust those ratings.

This means you’re always able to see how you’re delivering to the ‘I can’ statements as a class, and how your pupils are progressing over time. You’ll be able to see where pupils feel they’re doing well, and what skills gaps there are in the class.

Features and benefits


  • Simple, quick activity uploader
  • Easy to use interface, designed for primary five to seven
  • A fun way to introduce the concept of skills


  • Shows pupils how their skills develop over time
  • Helps pupils understand the relationship between their skills and everday activities
  • Pupils develop confidence in their abilities
  • Provides pupils with evidence to help build their pupil profiles
  • Helps teachers deliver towards the ‘I can’ statements


What skills does the tool use?

There are 10 skills: team player, leadership, organised, confidence, creative, communication, motivation, enterprise, problem solving and caring.

These skills were chosen after insight with employers, teachers and pupils. The language fits with that used in Curriculum for Excellence.

How and for how long do we expect classes to use the Skills builder?

The tool can be integrated into lesson plans and embedded in day to day activities. But even if they use the tool less often, it’s a valuable way for pupils to understand how their skills relate to everyday activities.