Network security analyst

As we share and store more information online, cyber attacks are one of the biggest security threats to the UK. 

Trying to combat this means lots of new jobs in the ICT industry - like Gareth's post as a security analyst with Capgemini, a consulting, technology and outsourcing services provider.

‘The threats are largely from hackers,’ he says. ‘If I’m doing some research and I see anything that could affect the client then I notify their head of security. I then get in touch with the vendor of our security products to see if they have any filters to counteract the threat.’ 

It’s an exciting role, fighting bugs and protecting other organisations against damage to their finances and reputations. What you might not expect is that Gareth started his ICT career as a modern apprentice.

From service desk to security

Gareth originally worked on the service desk at Capgemini, taking calls. After four months he progressed to department team lead. Six months later he became the service desk technical lead before taking on his current role as security analyst. 

He says, ‘The Modern Apprenticeship has given me valuable experience to both learn and see how the theory is put into practice in the workplace. It’s made me better prepared and allowed me to move into different areas of the business.’

The daily routine

"It's very rewarding when you can prevent things going  wrong."

He says, ‘I grab a coffee and then I start to do our daily checks to see if there were any threats to our clients through the night. I log this all and make sure everything is up to date. 

‘Then I look at my ‘to do’ list which can vary from day to day. I have to get in touch with other teams to find out what’s happening with ongoing security incidents.

‘This involves a range of things including actively monitoring clients’ networks looking for any security threats. We’re dealing with a number of large organisations, some with tens of thousands of employees. Sometimes you can’t fix things immediately and you need to be patient and liaise with a lot of different people.

‘We deal with high profile threats and I also need to do research to find out if our clients are vulnerable. I would then write up my recommendations to the company.’

Next steps

Gareth has already got an SVQ 3 though his apprenticeship and is working towards an SVQ 4. 

He says, ‘I’m hoping to go on and do a full degree and hopefully take my career in the direction of malware research.’