My interests factsheet

About 3 minutes


My interests allows users to find out how their interests and likes can help them when they’re making decisions. 


My interests is based on our existing About me tool, which was developed by Skills Development Scotland. This uses Dr John Holland’s theory of career choice. Find out more about how About me was developed.

To adapt the tool for younger users, we looked at the language used. Questions were rewritten to be more relevant and easier to understand for the target age group. We also redesigned the tool, using feedback from primary school pupils to inform the designs.

As they go through the tool, users will be asked to select pictures. This lets us build up a report about their top three interests types. Once the tool is complete, users will have a short, easy to read report about their interests. 

Features and benefits


  • Designed to be bright and appealing for younger pupils
  • Very quick and easy to use
  • Results stored in your account


  • Promotes self-awareness
  • A simple way to introduce the idea of interests and how they can be used to make decisions