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Mechanical engineer

Design and test components and machines like wind turbines, water pumps and medical prosthetics to help people who have mobility difficulties.

Mechanical engineering technician

Install and fix industrial machinery so it works well and is safe for people to use.

Nurse - Learning Disability

Support people with learning disabilities to enjoy good health and live as independently as possible.


Administration, business and management
Greet visitors to the organisation you work for. Help with their enquiries.

Roadside technician

Garage services
Help people whose vehicles have broken down or won’t start. Fix the problem or get them and their vehicle to a garage.

Solution architect

Computing and ICT
Use innovation and your knowledge of technology to solve business problems. Consult with clients to consider the best option to improve their IT systems.

Tourist information centre assistant

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Help visitors to get the most out of your local area by telling them about transport and things to do.

TV or film assistant director

Performing arts and media
Organise and plan everything on set, leaving the director free to deal with the creative side.

Window cleaner

Facilities and property services
Make people’s homes and businesses more pleasant by cleaning their windows, doors and other glass surfaces.

Air traffic controller

Transport, distribution and logistics
Guide pilots through taking off and landing at airports and help them fly safely, dealing with the weather, other aircraft and emergencies.