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Pilot - Helicopter

Transport, distribution and logistics
Transport passengers in a helicopter for business, leisure or to respond to an emergency.

CCTV operator

Security, uniformed and protective services
Watch live images sent from closed circuit television cameras to spot and prevent crimes and traffic jams.

Civil engineer

Construction and building
Design, plan and manage the construction of large buildings, transport links and major structures.


Facilities and property services
Clean buildings and vehicles to keep them safe and pleasant places for people to live in, visit and use.

Data analyst

Science, mathematics and statistics
Collect and analyse data to predict future trends and patterns.

Electrical engineer

Design, build and maintain the systems and equipment vital to industry, the railways and manufacturing.

Electrical engineering technician

Set up and fix the electrical systems that keep streetlights working and the railways running.

Fence installer

Animals, land and environment
Build and fix fences and gates for transport links like airports and roads, for secure buildings like prisons or around private gardens and farms.

Funeral director

Social work and caring services
Help bereaved families with the arrangements for funerals. Give people advice and support at a distressing time.

Insurance risk surveyor

Financial services
Check buildings, machinery and other possessions that people want to protect with insurance. Spot dangers and explain how to make things safer.