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Dance movement psychotherapist

Help people deal with their emotional, psychological and physical issues. Guide them to use dance and movement to express their thoughts and feelings.

Design engineer

Come up with the products of the future, making things that people use everyday more efficient, reliable and useful.

EFL teacher

Education and training
Help adults to learn or improve their skills in English and their knowledge of British culture.

Flight dispatcher

Transport, distribution and logistics
Make sure a plane is prepared for a flight so it can leave safely and on time.

Forensic psychologist

Find out why people commit crimes. Help offenders to make positive changes in their behaviour.


Alternative therapies
See people with health conditions and give them alternative remedies based on the idea of homeopathy.

Immigration officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Check that people who arrive in the UK are allowed to come here. Make sure people stick to the rules about living and working in this country.

Insurance account manager

Financial services
Promote insurance products to the advisers and agents who give people financial advice. Increase the sales of your company’s insurance policies.

Insurance underwriter

Financial services
Calculate how much to charge people and companies for insurance so they are properly protected from losses and your company can make a profit.


Help people who do not speak the same language to understand each other. Talk for them and translate their words.