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Animals, land and environment
Study the seas and oceans to help us learn more about the marine environment, plants and animals.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Look at stars, planets and galaxies to help us understand more about how the universe works.

Data scientist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Find patterns in raw data to help solve problems or make predictions.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study the world around us and the scientific laws that make objects behave as they do.

Air cabin crew

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Look after airline passengers and make sure they are comfortable and safe during a flight.

Airline customer service agent

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make sure that passengers and their luggage get on to the right aeroplane safely and on time.

Airport information assistant

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Give passengers in an airport accurate information about flights and services and clear directions so they can get to departure gates on time.


Design, arts and crafts
Create drawings, models or 3D computer images to bring characters and stories to life in animated films, games and cartoons.

Careers adviser

Education and training
Help people make good choices for their education, training and jobs. Get them into work they will enjoy and do well.

Community development worker

Social work and caring services
Work with local people, including young people, to improve life in their local area.