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Science, mathematics and statistics
Study animals, their habits and the places they live.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Do research into living cells to learn more about diseases or develop new drugs, medicines and crops.

Ambulance paramedic

Respond rapidly to emergency calls to treat people injured in accidents or affected by sudden illnesses.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Research new drugs and medicines, and make sure they are used safely.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Work in a laboratory to find ways to make products that improve our health, our environment and our food.

Teacher — Secondary School — Business Studies

Education and training
Inspire and motivate young people to learn about enterprise and how businesses are created and run.

Teacher — Secondary School — Geography

Education and training
Help young people to learn more about the physical world around them, the environment and how people shape the places where they live.

Quarry engineer

Assess a site and safely set up and run a mine or quarry. Restore the land when it closes.

Teacher - Secondary school - Computing

Education and training
Teach young people how to develop computing skills and an understanding of how computer systems work.

Clinical engineer

Create medical technology to help injured and disabled people enjoy better health and greater independence.