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Fitness instructor

Sport and leisure
Lead people in exercise activities, advise them on healthy eating and motivate them to get fitter and healthier.


Arrange transport for people who have no other way of getting to health appointments safely and on time.

Counselling psychologist

Social sciences and religion
Help people who have had difficult experiences or mental health issues to change their feelings and behaviour for the better.

Clinical psychologist

Help people with mental and emotional difficulties make positive changes in their thinking and behaviour.

Nurse - Child

Look after sick, injured or disabled children and teenagers. Help them with practical care, and comfort them and their families when they are distressed.

Play therapist

Help children to make sense of difficult experiences and deal with emotional distress through play.

Nurse - Learning Disability

Support people with learning disabilities to enjoy good health and live as independently as possible.

Art therapist

Help people use art as a way to express themselves and come to terms with upsetting experiences and problems.


Social sciences and religion
Listen to people talk about their feelings. Guide them to think about their experiences so they can become happier.

Housing officer

Social work and caring services
Find a home for people who want to rent a house from a council or housing association. Look after properties and support the tenants.