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Health promotion specialist

Motivate and educate people to improve their health. Run promotional campaigns to raise awareness of health issues.

Ambulance technician

Drive an ambulance to emergencies and help paramedics treat sick and injured people.

Nurse - Mental Health

Care for people with mental health problems. Help them recover from illness or adapt to their condition and get the support they need.

Dental hygienist

Encourage children and adults to keep their teeth and gums healthy, and give people some dental treatments.

Health and safety adviser

Administration, business and management
Keep people safe from injuries, accidents and health problems in the workplace.

Health service manager

Administration, business and management
Lead and organise staff and services so that a local community gets high quality, value-for-money healthcare.

Environmental health officer

Animals, land and environment
Make sure that the places where people live, work and have fun are safe, healthy and hygienic. Protect them from pollution, unsafe food and pests.

Health records clerk

Administration, business and management
Keep patients’ medical records up to date so that doctors can easily get get the information they need when treating a person.

Dental therapist

Give people treatments to make their teeth healthier and look better such as simple fillings, polishing and x-rays.

Teacher — Secondary School — Home Economics

Education and training
Educate young people about food and nutrition, understand the connections between what they eat and their health and get the skills to take care of themselves.