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Healthcare assistant

Help ill people with their practical daily tasks, either in hospital or in a patient's own home.

Social worker

Social work and caring services
Give advice and support to vulnerable adults and children to help them improve their lives.

Care service manager

Social work and caring services
Make sure people in need are cared for with dignity, respect and compassion.

Care home practitioner

Social work and caring services
Look after vulnerable adults living in care homes. Help them to reach their full potential.

Care support worker

Social work and caring services
Support people who have difficulties with daily activities like dressing, shopping and housework.

Health visitor

Visit people in their homes and give them information, practical care and support to help them stay healthy.

Ambulance care assistant

Look after elderly and disabled people by driving them safely to their hospital appointments and taking them home afterwards.

Animal care worker

Animals, land and environment
Look after all sorts of animals in kennels, catteries or rescue centres and make sure they're happy and healthy.

Health promotion specialist

Motivate and educate people to improve their health. Run promotional campaigns to raise awareness of health issues.

Nurse - Mental Health

Care for people with mental health problems. Help them recover from illness or adapt to their condition and get the support they need.