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Food scientist or food technologist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test food for safety and quality and find ways to keep food fresh for longer. Or you would invent new processes and products, such as fat-free food or meat-free alternatives.

Food packaging operative

Manufacturing and production
Help to prepare food and drink for sale in the shops by keeping production lines running smoothly.

Brewery worker

Manufacturing and production
Make beer for people to enjoy in pubs and restaurants or buy in shops.


Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make delicious food for people to enjoy in a restaurant, cafe or bar. Cook the food to order and present it for the waiting staff to serve to the customers.


Hospitality, catering and tourism
Make bread, cakes and pastries for shops and supermarkets or sell your hand-made loaves in a small bakery or delicatessen.

Air cabin crew

Hospitality, catering and tourism
Look after airline passengers and make sure they are comfortable and safe during a flight.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Work in a laboratory to find ways to make products that improve our health, our environment and our food.

Kitchen porter

Hospitality, catering and tourism
As a kitchen assistant or kitchen porter, you help a chef to prepare meals and keep the kitchen clean and safe so customers in a cafe or restaurant can enjoy their food.

Quality control technician

Manufacturing and production
Check that products meet quality standards and are safe for customers to buy.