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Energy engineer

Design and construct sites to generate power from the wind, sun and water. Extract oil and gas for energy.

Commercial energy assessor

Construction and building
Test the energy efficiency of commercial buildings – like shopping centres, cinemas and offices. Make a positive impact on the environment.

Domestic energy assessor

Construction and building
Help ensure people’s homes stay safe, warm and energy efficient to keep our environment safe.

Smart meter installer

Fit and mend gas and electricity meters in homes and businesses.


Construction and building
Design new buildings and restore old ones to give people practical, attractive, energy efficient and safe places in which to live and work.


Animals, land and environment
Study the structure of the Earth to find new sources of oil, gas, minerals and water. Help protect people who live in places with volcanoes and earthquakes.

Heating and ventilation engineer

Install and service heating and air conditioning systems in large buildings. Help people and organisations save energy.

Building services engineer

Make sure building systems like lighting, water and heating work for the people who live or work there.

Electrical engineer

Design, build and maintain the systems and equipment vital to industry, the railways and manufacturing.

Environmental consultant

Animals, land and environment
Assess the impact of industry on the environment and tell businesses how to be greener.