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CAD technician

Computing and ICT
Create 2D and 3D designs for buildings and machinery so that engineers and technicians can test and build their ideas.

Commissioning editor

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Find the author of the next bestseller. Successfully publish their book to make money for your company.

Data analyst

Science, mathematics and statistics
Collect and analyse data to predict future trends and patterns.

Design engineer

Come up with the products of the future, making things that people use everyday more efficient, reliable and useful.

DevSecOps developer

Computing and ICT
Create software applications that outsmart hackers – by making security a priority from the very start. An eye for detail and plenty of teamwork will get you far.


Performing arts and media
Entertain people and get them dancing by playing music in clubs, at events, or on the radio.

Forensic computer analyst

Computing and ICT
Investigate cyber crime to protect people from hackers, thieves and terrorists.

Games developer

Computing and ICT
Create code for games which might be played by millions of people.

Geographical information systems (GIS) Officer

Science, mathematics and statistics
Use GIS systems to combine different data types onto one map to help gather information or highlight patterns.

Infrastructure engineer

Computing and ICT
Design the IT foundations that businesses, public facilities and cities rely on. You’ll use your knowledge of hardware and cloud systems to meet your users’ every need.