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Photographic stylist

Design, arts and crafts
Help photographers get the best images by creating the right look and mood for a photo shoot.

Product designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create the look and feel of items that people use every day.

Software tester

Computing and ICT

Building services engineer

Make sure building systems like lighting, water and heating work for the people who live or work there.

Chemical engineering technician

Work on the research, development and manufacture of products such as plastics, medicines, foods, textiles and fuel.

Criminal intelligence analyst

Security, uniformed and protective services
Analyse data to spot patterns and networks of criminal activity and plan ways to tackle and stop crime.

Database administrator

Computing and ICT
Plan and build computer systems to hold vital information for organisations. Make sure the systems are secure and work properly.

Drilling engineer

Construct wells to extract oil and gas which are effective, safe for people to operate and do not pollute the environment.


Make sure the electricity works safely in people’s homes and businesses.

Energy engineer

Design and construct sites to generate power from the wind, sun and water. Extract oil and gas for energy.