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Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Check written text before it is published in newspapers, magazines and on websites.


Design, arts and crafts
Use needles and ink to draw permanent images, symbols or words on people’s skin.

TV or film production assistant

Performing arts and media
Take care of many of the practical tasks behind great films and TV programmes.

TV presenter

Performing arts and media
Introduce and host TV programmes, interview people and report on issues and events.

TV production runner

Performing arts and media
Work behind the scenes and take care of all the little tasks that help a TV production run smoothly.

User experience (UX) designer

Design, arts and crafts
Use research to understand users and help design physical or digital products that are useful and easy to use.

Visual merchandiser

Retail and customer services
Create eye-catching displays and store layouts to help bring in more customers.

Wardrobe assistant

Performing arts and media
Help to make and look after the costumes used by actors in a TV show, film or play.