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Web developer

Computing and ICT
Design, build and look after websites and web applications for clients.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Animals, land and environment
Solve problems by using data and technology to build AI systems.

Arts administrator

Performing arts and media
Organise exciting events like festivals, plays and concerts to entertain and thrill audiences.

Broadcast journalist

Performing arts and media
Investigate news events and present the story on television, radio or the internet to tell people what’s happened.

Care home practitioner

Social work and caring services
Look after vulnerable adults living in care homes. Help them to reach their full potential.

Civil service administrative officer

Administration, business and management
Provide vital public services. Give people information, answer their questions and decide which public services can help them.

Civil service executive officer

Administration, business and management
Manage the directorates and agencies that apply government policies and provide a wide range of important public services.

Cyber security analyst

Computing and ICT
Protect businesses and organisations from cyber threats using cutting-edge technology.

DevSecOps developer

Computing and ICT
Create software applications that outsmart hackers – by making security a priority from the very start. An eye for detail and plenty of teamwork will get you far.

Early years teacher

Education and training
Help babies and young children learn and develop. Do fun activities to teach them numbers, words and more about the world around them.