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Jewellery designer-maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design jewellery with gemstones and precious metals for people to wear and admire. Design for a manufacturer or make the pieces yourself.

Model maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and make scale models for film and TV shows, test out new products or show how new buildings will look.

Play therapist

Help children to make sense of difficult experiences and deal with emotional distress through play.

Prop maker

Performing arts and media
Make the realistic-looking objects used to help set the scene in plays, films and television programmes.

Set designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create the look for a theatre, television or film production.

Stage manager

Performing arts and media
Make sure live stage performances run smoothly by managing the crew, performers and technical needs of the show.

Textile designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create designs and patterns for woven, knitted and printed fabrics used to make products such as clothes and furniture.

TV or film director

Performing arts and media
Take charge of the production of a film or TV programme and make the creative decisions that will guide the crew.

TV or film producer

Performing arts and media
Look after the business side of TV or film productions.

Virtual reality designer

Computing and ICT
Design people, places, tasks and experiences, then work with a developer to turn it into an immersive experience that blurs the lines of reality.