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Performing arts and media
Share your talents with an audience, explore your creativity and meet lots of new people. This is the varied and exciting world of entertainment.

VFX artist

Performing arts and media
As a VFX artist you’d use software to create animations and special effects.

Advertising account executive

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Help businesses and organisations reach their customers by organising successful advertising campaigns.

Advertising account planner

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Do the research to understand why people to buy things and then create an advertising strategy that connects a business with its customers.

Advertising copywriter

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Write original and compelling words for adverts in print, online and on radio and TV to persuade people to buy your clients' goods or services.


Design, arts and crafts
Create drawings, models or 3D computer images to bring characters and stories to life in animated films, games and cartoons.

Audio-visual technician

Computing and ICT
Set up and operate the multimedia systems and equipment to make conferences, exhibitions and events successful and exciting.

Graphic designer

Design, arts and crafts
Use your creative skills to design the look of websites, packaging, adverts and more.

Newspaper or magazine editor

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Lead a team of journalists and designers to produce a magazine or newspaper that appeals to readers.

Photographic stylist

Design, arts and crafts
Help photographers get the best images by creating the right look and mood for a photo shoot.