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Electrical engineer

Design, build and maintain the systems and equipment vital to industry, the railways and manufacturing.

Energy engineer

Design and construct sites to generate power from the wind, sun and water. Extract oil and gas for energy.

Exhibition designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create attractive display stands for companies to show off their products or services at conferences and events.

French polisher

Design, arts and crafts
Apply stains, paints and polishes by hand to complete or restore beautiful pieces of furniture.

Further education lecturer

Education and training
Help teenagers and adults learn new skills and get qualifications to improve their job prospects.

Heating and ventilation engineer

Install and service heating and air conditioning systems in large buildings. Help people and organisations save energy.

Insurance risk surveyor

Financial services
Check buildings, machinery and other possessions that people want to protect with insurance. Spot dangers and explain how to make things safer.

Manufacturing operator

Manufacturing and production
Be part of a team making goods or parts, from sorting raw materials to packing the finished products.

Mechanical engineer

Design and test components and machines like wind turbines, water pumps and medical prosthetics to help people who have mobility difficulties.

Offshore service technician

Keep equipment and systems running efficiently and safely on an offshore platform to extract oil or gas.