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Domestic energy assessor

Construction and building
Help ensure people’s homes stay safe, warm and energy efficient to keep our environment safe.

Electricity distribution worker

Construction and building
Fix the power lines that get electricity from power stations to homes, industries and businesses around the country.

Landscape architect

Construction and building
Design and create spaces for plants and wildlife to make towns and cities healthier and more attractive places to live.

Town planner

Construction and building
Help to shape the way towns and cities develop and improve the environments people live in.

Water treatment technician

Construction and building
Make water clean for people to drink, and safely deal with sewage, chemicals and other waste.

Boat builder

Repair boats and ships to keep them safe and seaworthy. Build new vessels like small yachts and dinghies or huge ocean-going tankers.

Drilling engineer

Construct wells to extract oil and gas which are effective, safe for people to operate and do not pollute the environment.

Agricultural engineer

Animals, land and environment
Help farmers tackle their environmental problems with specialist equipment, land improvement projects and new agricultural techniques.

CAD technician

Computing and ICT
Create 2D and 3D designs for buildings and machinery so that engineers and technicians can test and build their ideas.

Fence installer

Animals, land and environment
Build and fix fences and gates for transport links like airports and roads, for secure buildings like prisons or around private gardens and farms.