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Dental nurse

Help people feel comfortable when they visit the dentist. Assist the dentist to give treatments and other patient care.


Check people’s teeth and mouths and treat any problems. Help people keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong.

DevSecOps developer

Computing and ICT
Create software applications that outsmart hackers – by making security a priority from the very start. An eye for detail and plenty of teamwork will get you far.


Explain to people how to change their habits and eat food which is better for physical and mental health. Help patients with medical conditions to get the right nutrition

Drilling engineer

Construct wells to extract oil and gas which are effective, safe for people to operate and do not pollute the environment.


Animals, land and environment
Help to protect and restore the natural environment. Explore the effects of human behaviour on the environment and on animal ecosystems.

Educational psychologist

Social sciences and religion
Help children and young people with problems in learning, additional support needs or emotional behavioural issues.

Electronics engineer

Design the electronic components used in a huge variety of equipment, from mobile phones and computers to aircraft navigation systems.

Flight director

A flight director is the person in charge of a space mission. They stay on Earth and lead the team inside the mission control centre.

Game designer

Computing and ICT
Create games which might be played by millions of people on computers, consoles and mobiles.