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AR/VR programmer

Computing and ICT
Create immersive digital experiences that make it possible for users to explore virtual worlds. You’ll use sophisticated software and all your programming know-how to entertain or educate.

Army officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Command and motivate soldiers to work as a team in dangerous situations. Take responsibility for their welfare, training and discipline.


Help people to hear better by testing their hearing and finding the right solution for each individual.


Retail and customer services
Promote and sell books so people can discover stories they love and expand their knowledge.

Car valet

Garage services
Make sure people’s cars are clean and shiny inside and out.


Alternative therapies
You would help people with aches, pains and injuries feel better by using your hands to move and adjust their joints and bones.

Civil engineer

Construction and building
Design, plan and manage the construction of large buildings, transport links and major structures.

Civil service executive officer

Administration, business and management
Manage the directorates and agencies that apply government policies and provide a wide range of important public services.

Clinical engineer

Create medical technology to help injured and disabled people enjoy better health and greater independence.

Conservation Officer

Construction and building