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Patent attorney

Legal and court services
Help people protect their rights when they invent a new product, design or process.


Take blood samples from people in hospital so their illness can be diagnosed and they can be treated.


Guide people through exercise programmes that make it easier for them to walk or move without pain.

Quarry engineer

Assess a site and safely set up and run a mine or quarry. Restore the land when it closes.

Teacher - Secondary school - Computing

Education and training
Teach young people how to develop computing skills and an understanding of how computer systems work.

3D Printing specialist

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Operate the machines that turn CAD designs into 3D components for everything from prosthetic limbs to F1 cars.


Alternative therapies
Treat people's health concerns by inserting very fine needles into pressure points on their body.

Aerospace engineer

Design and build aeroplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and rockets to make them safe and efficient.

Ambulance care assistant

Look after elderly and disabled people by driving them safely to their hospital appointments and taking them home afterwards.

Animal care worker

Animals, land and environment
Look after all sorts of animals in kennels, catteries or rescue centres and make sure they're happy and healthy.