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Dental hygienist

Encourage children and adults to keep their teeth and gums healthy, and give people some dental treatments.

Dental therapist

Give people treatments to make their teeth healthier and look better such as simple fillings, polishing and x-rays.

District nurse

Visit people with health conditions or disabilities to assess their needs and give them medical care and support.


Design equipment and workplaces which are easier and more comfortable for people to use.

Ground controller

Transport, distribution and logistics
Also known as ‘flight controller’, you'd work in the mission control centre on Earth during space missions. Controllers monitor, operate and maintain the systems essential to the mission.

Land surveyor

Construction and building
Look at, measure and map an area of land to check if it can be used for an engineering and construction project.


Heritage, culture and libraries
Help people quickly and easily borrow books, ebooks, films and music for fun, for learning and for information.

Materials engineer

Test and research the materials of the future to use them in new technology and better products.


Animals, land and environment
Collect and analyse data to predict the weather; vital for people who work outdoors, like farmers, pilots and the crews of ships.

Operational researcher

Administration, business and management
Find better ways for businesses and organisations to work and achieve their goals.