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Science, mathematics and statistics
Study animals, their habits and the places they live.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Fly into space to do scientific research that reveals more about the secrets of our universe.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Astrophysicists answer the big questions of the universe by studying the behaviour of objects in space.

Geographical information systems (GIS) Officer

Science, mathematics and statistics
Use GIS systems to combine different data types onto one map to help gather information or highlight patterns.

Spacecraft communicator

Science, mathematics and statistics
Communicate with the crew of a spacecraft on a space mission. Also known as a CAPCOM or capsule communicator.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Collect and analyse data, then present findings to use the data to help solve problems, spot trends or make predictions.


Heritage, culture and libraries
Organise collections of historical records and documents so that they are easy for people to study and enjoy.

Big data engineer

Computing and ICT
Work at the cutting edge of technology and maths and use your analytical skills to solve complex problems.

Cyber security analyst

Computing and ICT
Protect businesses and organisations from cyber threats using cutting-edge technology.

Cyber security architect

Computing and ICT
Design systems that protect businesses and organisations from cyber threats.