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Quality control technician

Manufacturing and production
Check that products meet quality standards and are safe for customers to buy.

Technical brewer

Manufacturing and production
Direct the beer production process in a brewery.

Ambulance paramedic

Respond rapidly to emergency calls to treat people injured in accidents or affected by sudden illnesses.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study plants to find out how to help them grow. Discover which plants to use to make food and medicines.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Work out how to use chemicals and materials to make new medicines, create better food and protect the environment.

Clinical perfusionist

Keep people alive during heart surgery or liver transplants. Work the heart-lung machines that keep oxygen and blood circulating during the operation.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Look at stars, planets and galaxies to help us understand more about how the universe works.

Data scientist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Find patterns in raw data to help solve problems or make predictions.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study the world around us and the scientific laws that make objects behave as they do.


Check people’s teeth and mouths and treat any problems. Help people keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong.