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Outdoor activities instructor

Sport and leisure
Lead trips and teach skills so people can safely enjoy outdoor sports and activities.

Personal trainer

Sport and leisure
Encourage people to achieve their personal fitness goals. Advise them about health and exercise.


Help people get the right medicines and use them safely to treat illnesses and disease.


Diagnose and treat foot and ankle disorders to help people stay active and mobile.

Propulsion Engineer

Propulsion engineers design, build and look after systems that help aircraft fly.


Use different kinds of radiation to help diagnose or treat people who are ill or injured.

Robotics engineer

Computing and ICT
Revolutionise the way people live and work by designing exciting new systems that can save time, money and change lives.

Scenes of crime officer

Security, uniformed and protective services
Find, collect and record evidence from crime scenes in order to help solve crimes.

Scrum Master

Administration, business and management
You won't be on a rugby squad, but you can lead and inspire teams to greater success by creating positive change.

Service Designer

Design, arts and crafts
Take a love for design and invention and use it to build services that create a meaningful difference in people's lives.