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Games developer

Computing and ICT
Create code for games which might be played by millions of people.


Animals, land and environment
Study the structure of the Earth to find new sources of oil, gas, minerals and water. Help protect people who live in places with volcanoes and earthquakes.

Health promotion specialist

Motivate and educate people to improve their health. Run promotional campaigns to raise awareness of health issues.

Insurance risk surveyor

Financial services
Check buildings, machinery and other possessions that people want to protect with insurance. Spot dangers and explain how to make things safer.

IT project analyst

Computing and ICT
Pursue a career as an IT project analyst and you’ll use your technical and analytical skills to design the IT systems that bring business projects to life.

IT trainer

Computing and ICT
Show people how to make the most of their computers and teach them how to use different systems.

Landscape architect

Construction and building
Design and create spaces for plants and wildlife to make towns and cities healthier and more attractive places to live.

Machine learning engineer

Computing and ICT
Teach a computer or machine how to take actions without being directed by humans each time.

Media researcher

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Find entertaining and interesting people, places and information to make enjoyable TV and radio programmes.


Treat people who have problems with their eyes due to a condition, illness or injury.