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Agricultural engineer

Animals, land and environment
Help farmers tackle their environmental problems with specialist equipment, land improvement projects and new agricultural techniques.

Agricultural consultant

Animals, land and environment
Provide technical, business and financial advice and information to farmers, landowners and other agricultural staff.

Rural surveyor

Animals, land and environment
Help farms and estates to make the most of their land. Value property and assets, advise on legal and tax issues, and plan land use.

Farm worker

Animals, land and environment
Look after animals, grow and harvest crops and operate machinery on a farm.

Farm manager

Animals, land and environment
Run a farm. Plan crops and livestock, manage the farm workers, control the budget and buy and sell the farm produce.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Do research into living cells to learn more about diseases or develop new drugs, medicines and crops.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study living things like plants and animals to increase our knowledge about them, the environment and genetics.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. Work to prevent diseases, make new medicines or grow more food.

Solution architect

Computing and ICT
Use innovation and your knowledge of technology to solve business problems. Consult with clients to consider the best option to improve their IT systems.